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..... This site will be closing during JANUARY 2019.....

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About Me

I am a "Sometime Mod Maker" in that I do it as a hobby and a pastime and not to make money or earn a living - just make it a self-funding activity.

I do not take orders or commissions.  Please do not ask.  I enjoy the freedom of making what I want, when I want.

I convert wooden  tobacco pipes to e-pipes and make new e-pipes.  I also work with alternative composite and synthetic materials (mostly for casting).

I source components and parts from all over, different suppliers at home and abroad and sometimes OEM.    I make mainly e-pipe mods.

Other E-pipes I have made

Check out my photo gallery to get a glimpse into what I have made.. And drop me a line if want to find out more.

Comments about this web site and my work can be found and discussed at this link on the ePipe Forum.


E-pipe users are not normally new to vaping.  I therefore assume that potential buyers have a basic familiarity with the subject including basic battery usage, care and maintenance as well as connection options, sizes, attys and tanks, etc. 

If not, then please refer to one of the sites above for guidance and advice.